Custory — A 360⁰ F&B Solution


Cuscapi, Presto, and Hungry are pleased to announce that they have entered a partnership to develop a 360⁰ fully integrated and digital cloud-powered F&B management suite named Custory that will help F&B operators manage their order-to-delivery cycle efficiently and effectively. With this new service, customers will be able to make table reservations, enter drive-throughs, order take-out, or have their food delivered.

The three main components that make up this new solution are food ordering, cashless payment, and delivery service — each representing Cuscapi, Presto, and Hungry's specialisation respectively.

Custory allows real-time access to a restaurant's data at any time. This enables restaurants to create a digital menu for both dine-in and online orders on a single platform, making it a cost-effective and comprehensive solution.

Restaurants can replace order-placing kiosks that contribute to long queues, which are fast becoming a great inconvenience to customers as social distancing is still on-going. Customers will be able to use QR codes to order their food from the table. Similarly, their drive-through or take-out experience is simplified via online orders.

The Presto app offers all modes of cashless payment as well as integration to loyalty cards, in which membership points can be used to off-set one’s F&B bill.

This 360⁰ F&B solution will be rolled out in phases from July 2020.

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